Saturday, March 22, 2008

Five Long Years

The center for the Global War In Error, Iraq, is now five years old. I have read many of the war cheerleaders posts across the blogosphere's lame-assed "How I Got It Wrong" posts, and see the thread of similarity. Nearly all of them point to error-riddled applications to our Iraqi-quagmire.

Nearly all pro-war pundits still believe, even today, the war was a good idea, but just badly managed. It is in effect, the competence defense. Which begs the question of what would a perfectly executed war plan look like if the war was doomed from the outset?

They all miss the point, and the point is, they do not understand the idea of America, or what it takes to be an American.

A group of neocons, along with multiple accomplices in the media hijacked American horror and anger over 9/11 and used it for their own benefit. A lot of people are now dead, many more are wounded, and a few are very rich.

Part of the American way is freedom, and we hold this so precious, we have enshrined it into law. An American can defend his life if the threat is "imminent", and can in some cases use deadly force. I cannot take a flamethrower to my office building because I think a co-worker will perhaps, someday in the future, punch me in the nose.

Iraq did not threaten us.

Iraq did not attack us.

Iraq had no weapons of WMD's.

Iraq had no connection to 9/11.

Now all these "serious people" who were wrong about everything want all of us to forget how completely wrong they were and the horrible consequences that resulted from their insane rantings, only to listen to them now about "The Way Forward."

And our Corporate Media meekly comply by giving the Kagans and the Kliens and the Kristols a place on our teevee to smear their street cred with the effectiveness of butt-scoot stank.

We rarely get to see war-critics on the panel talk shows, you know, the ones that were right about Iraq.

The same pundits who were Wrong About Everything warn of disasters Worse Than Ten Hitlers! if we pull out of Iraq.

Sorry, but you have lost your credibility card with me. Pull out our troops. If a bunch of bad stuff happens, maybe you can have some street cred back by saying "I told you so", until then, just STFU. Mmmmmkay?

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