Saturday, June 23, 2007

Senator Coburn; Good Republican--Bad American

U. S. Senator Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, is earning his bonafides as a conservative by shielding racists from prosecution under the guise of being fiscally conservative. No expense is too great for the neocon war on brown people in a country that was not a threat, did not attack us and had no connection to 9/11, but less than 10 million dollars is way too much money to spend investigating and prosecuting murderers of Americans defending civil rights in America.

The bill, H. R. 923, the Emmitt Till Unsolved Civil-Rights Crime Act, focuses on hate crimes of the civil-rights era prior to 1970, sailed through the House last week with only two votes opposed. It was expected to sail through the Senate by unanimous consent, but Coburn placed a hold on the bill for budgetary reasons.

Senator KKKoburn feels perfectly fine spending unlimited fundage killing foreign people of questionable pigmentation but is unwilling to spend a pittance to prosecute those who do so, even if the victims are Americans attempting to exercise the right to vote. One wonders if he is opposed to African-Americans or civil rights, or both. Why does the Senator oppose the defense of Democracy in America yet fanatically support its exportation by military force?

On behalf of all Oklahomans, allow me to issue this public apology for the oxygen Senator Coburn is using up that could be going to some useful purpose.

For more info and background on this bill and what it means, please read this outstanding post by Meteor Blades. mcjoan weighs in here, and, as usual, what Digby said.

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