Friday, June 22, 2007

Close Gitmo

I've seen stories flying around about the closing of the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It needs to be done, but I don't see how the Administration can do this. They only have two real options, and that is to either put them into the American justice system, which means bring charges and provide them with legal counsel, or cut them loose. A third option would be detain them in other military bases, but that is just more of the same.

Open hearings would subject this Administration more accusations of torture and perhaps the reveal that some of the "evidence" used to detain these "enemy combatants" is thinner than a gnats ass stretched across a rain barrel. Evidence gathered by torture would be inadmissible, and surely such claims will be made. Guards will talk, defending themselves with orders from headquarters.

No doubt some bad hombres are housed in Gitmo. They deserve to be brought to justice. Those who cannot be convicted deserve freedom.

This administrations hesitancy is not out of concern for the illegal activities of Gitmo prisoners, but of their own.

To a modern day conservative, all problems can be solved with enough police on the ground, and just the utterances by their Glorious Leader of the magic words "enemy combatant" is enough to grab them by the scruff of the neck and toss them in jail.


No Judges, no lawyers, no "phone call."

And they can be tortured, or crush their sons testicles in front of them.

It helps if the "enemy combatant" is of questionable pigmentation, but it is not required; anyone will do, even an American.

A government that can jail people based only on its own will with no proof or requirement thereof is something completely alien to the definition of America.

This government is called Republican. It is no longer possible to be a good American and a good Republican. In other words, Republicans are bad Americans.

The government of bad ideas and authoritarian cultists who ignored all pre-911 warnings and on that fateful day, when Dear Leader was told "America is under attack," impersonated a bull looking at a new gate for seven minutes.

Let the bad guy get away.

Invaded the wrong country.

Spied on his own people, in violation of the law.

Could not manage a Safeway, much less a national disaster (Katrina) or a global war on terror.

And now Gitmo, full of rat bastids ready to dime out the petty little torture thugs in the White House.

Can't cut 'em loose and can't let 'em talk. What is a Preznit to do?


Eli Blake said...

One thing he will do if Cheney's action today holds: transfer as much of this as he can to the Vice President's Office.

Redstater said...

I say we send them all to either YOUR house or over to Nancy and Harry's place.
There they will not only get a hot meal and great service (no nasty torture) they will get the love and support Democrats give to terrorists around the globe... only "up close and personal".

I'm sure with a few hugs, some good sushi and a lesson in Democrat smear politics they can become upright, upstanding, future leaders in the Democrat party.

God knows, they've already got most of the entire Democrat platform down pat.

Meahwhile, I'm sure YOU would have no problem with someone killing or torturing the President or VP.. and would in fact think it was "justified".- YES?
(if you are "honest", lol, I got ya')

If not, you'll go on another lying rant about Bush.

Oilfieldguy said...

just put them on trial. Dick and Dubya too, the sooner the better.