Friday, December 01, 2006

The Young Turks

One of my highlights of Kommander Kos' Las Vegas soiree at Yearly Kos, an annual lefty blogger convention, was meeting, in person, The Young Turks. Now I realize this post is like, way late, but there is a reason that I post this now, which I will get into momentarily.

I was just standing there, next to the media table when this absolutely stunning young lady came up to get her credentials.

"Jill Pike," she said.

Now, I had seen her picture on The Young Turks website, and had heard many people comment on the radio about how attractive she was, but they all fell far short of the mark.

She was the ten most attractive ladies at the convention.

I introduced myself and she graciously invited me back to meet "the boys", Cenk Uygur and Ben Mankiewicz, her co-hosts.

Cenk, in particular, can really cut loose a tirade on the radio. He can make a Pentecostal preacher seem like a Methodist. And I'm not kidding.

He also writes some too. That is the subject of this post, Cenk's latest rift on NBC calling the War in Iraq a civil war. It goes something like this:

NBC Says Sky is Blue Email Print

By Cenk

Although the US government and Iraqi authorities have been insisting that the sky is red for months, NBC after much deliberation has decided to call the sky blue. Other news outlets have not come to the same conclusion yet.
When the Washington Post was asked why they are still calling the sky red, they said they knew the sky was blue but they didn't feel comfortable calling it blue when Iraqi government officials were still calling it red.

Tony Snow vociferously objected to NBC's biased coverage of the sky. He said calling the sky blue would only encourage it to be more blue. Snow added that if NBC persists in calling the sky blue, the terrorists would win.

The administration pointed out that if we call the sky something it demonstrably is not, then we will attain victory. When asked what "victory" means, Snow pointed behind the reporters and shouted, "Look, al-Qaeda!"

NBC is currently mulling over the idea of declaring that 2+2=4. NBC is concerned about making this announcement because Dick Cheney has declared forcefully that when you put 2 and 2 together, you get 6 -- and that anyone who doesn't is cutting and running from math. The neo-cons inside the White House say that only a defeatist would get 4 when adding 2 and 2. Bush added that the only way you could get 4 from putting 2 and 2 together is if you stopped counting.

He then smirked as if he had something very clever. Everyone in the room nodded, agreeing that clever words make reality less real.

I think this has something to do with being part of the "reality-based community", but I'm not sure.

And Ben, if you read this, I still say you sound like Christian Slater. Ben is okay with that, because, as he puts it, "Chicks dig Christian Slater."


Red Stater said...

So now your big "source" of the truth is an Airhead America hack?
It's No wonder they are praising the allknowing/allseeing NBC... Ben's brother works there.(lol)
Perhaps he should stick to doing CARTOONS on Saturday morning and perhaps you should watch less cartoons on Saturday mornings.

NBC is the same network that used the FAKE AP stories provided by the infamous "Captain Jamil Hussein" who doesn't exist to base their contention that Iraq is in a "civil war" aren't they?

Okay, so you and the young turks are saying that (based on fake info) that the sky is blue when I can see plainly that it is raining outside, so I have to believe you anyway?

Nice try- no cigar. Lets get to the meat of the matter.

Why is it important for YOU and NBC to convince everyone that Iraq is in a civil war?
Is it because you care about the outcome of said civil war?
(i think not)
Or, is it simply to bolster the nonstop effort to convince us to cut and run.

Facts be damned, the ends justify the means. Today's journalism 101.

Because of the efforts of people at NBC (and the turks) CBS and AP, the news media continues to demonstrate that it cannot be trusted and needs serious "reform".It is indeed out of control.


Red Stater said...

Part II- A little more digging reveals that your other bigtime Airhead America Radio source (Cenk Uygur) is a former michael moore assistant who "claims" to have very recently supported Republicans.

Now THATS funny stuff.
I read a lot of his insane ramblings (going way back) and not one of them demonstrate a single reason why he would have ever supported Republicans on a single issue but in fact demonstrate that he is nothing but a partisan hack who blames religion for everything.

wow, no wonder you have such a warped view of America, Iraq and the world. You get your "news" from a fake news show host with an agenda.

well at least now we know... the rest of the story.

Oilfieldguy said...

Facts be damned, the ends justify the means. Today's journalism 101.

I'm always amused at rightard authoritarian cultists who see "civil rights" as protecting criminals and are perfectly happy with the elimination of habeus corpus, torture and wiretapping Americans in America without a warrant, but want to paint opposition to their extreme radical worldview with phrases like the one above.

Certainly there exists those vehement supporters of Dick and Dubya's most excellent adventures in Mesopotamia as Red.

Ramadan, according to such deep thinkers as they, was the missed opportunity. While all these "brown people" were gathered at Mecca, just drop a neutron bomb, waltz in the next day and fly the American flag over Mecca; problem solved, message sent, who wants to fuck with us now?

Why is it important for YOU and NBC to convince everyone that Iraq is in a civil war?
It isn't a matter of convincing anyone of the civil war, no more than convincing anyone the sky is blue. Why is it important for people to deny reality?

wow, no wonder you have such a warped view of America, Iraq and the world. You get your "news" from a fake news show host with an agenda.

The Young Turks are not what I would call a "news source." It is entertainment with a political view. However, to my knowledge, none of them are phone-sex enthusiasts who sexually harrass employees or degenerate junkies who carry sacks of hard-on pills from foreign countries known for child prostitution.

I'm just sayin'.

RBG` said...

Stopped by to see if you needed any assistance, but it looks like you've got things well in hand.

Red Stater said...

you've certainly got "things in hand" alright.
just be careful and don't get any on her dress. (It could come back to haunt ya').

nice try oil, but you simply copied what the airheadamerica hacks wrote and pasted it in your blog as fact.

Go to my blog again and find where i have copied and posted an o'reilly or limbaugh piece.

I don't listen to o'reilly and i don't subscribe to the limbaugh letter, nor do i copy what others write and post it as somekind of journalistic duty.

How about writing what YOU think for a change?
(or do you?)

Stu Smalley said...

Red, you are smart enough, good enough, but gosh darnit us liberals hate you.

Why don't you just go with the flow and the cool crowd man? Who cares about "right and wrong" or "facts" anyway?

The fact is that there is a revolution goin' on and you can either be "with us" or against us.

BTW, girls are not the only ones who think Christan Slater is hot...