Saturday, September 23, 2006

Welcome To The United States Of Torture

Okay, so we've all seen the pictures of Abu Grahib prisoners being humiliated and gnawed on by german shepherds, so we can say "bullshit" when Dubya says we do not torture. As an end run around the Geneva conventions, detainees were classified as enemy combatants, and since they belong to no government that signed any treaty, they were persona non grata, the Bush administration could run their own little petri dish of intel gathering, however they saw fit. Remember, none of these detainees have even been charged with a crime. Some, without doubt, are evil, as some, without doubt, are just poor unlucky bastards.

Then, the Supreme Court ruled that Dubyas little kangaroo court idea needed a serious enema, and oh, by the way, the detainees are protected by the Geneva conventions. Did you see the "fiendish fourteen" terrorists suddenly come out of the secret CIA prisons and get transferred to Gitmo? Did ya here Bush tell Congress to enact the bill he proposed to enable the CIA program to "go forward?"

CIA agents were told their torture program was legal. The Supreme Court told them they are fulla shit. The CIA spooks told Bush "fuck this" we are like not doing time for war crimes, so they halted their operation "Terror/Torture".

Now Bush is thumping his chest saying the deal is done and operation Terror/Torture can continue. McCain, Graham and Warner have returned oversight to the executive branch and the Democrats are tediously gnawing their fingernails, shell shocked into an opinionless mass of quivering shit.

We do not have to be a lawyer or listen to anything this administration says to understand what is going on. This administration tortures people. SCOTUS says no-no. Program stops. POTUS gets new rules, program re-starts.

How would you like to be the poor unlucky bastard when your tormenter returns, reinvigorated after a hiatus, armed with the power of God? Surely some people think torture could be an effective tool. Please, do not confuse America with countries who accept this, even though Bush has.

They actually think they can prevent the courts from reviewing any of this. It's in the language of the bill. These guys are not strong on defense, they're lame in the brain. This will not stand. The only question I have is where do the Democrats stand?

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