Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Path To 9/11; A Critical Review

So, over the vehement protestations of hundreds of thousands of people, ABC/Disney elected to air the GOP-U-Drama, Path To 9/11, saying to criticize it before viewing is "irresponsible." So, this is my attempt at being responsible.

For full disclosure, I was busy, and missed some of the start of the shillathon and cannot review the treatment the previous administration received for rounding up all of the perpertrators that first attacked the world trade center, prosecuted, convicted who now sit rotting in a maximum security prison in Colorado. Even though that attack occurred very early in the Clinton administration, I do not recall anyone blaming Bush the Senior.

What I did witness was the path to 9/11 during the Clinton Administration was aided and abetted by the constant stumbling over the Clenis--apparently the previous Commander-In-Chief was thinking with the wrong head. Deep throat wore a blue dress and bin Laden got away because our President couldn't shoot straight.

Enter Leader-by-landslide Dubya (aka The English Patient) and Kinda Sleazy Rice knicking her leg by pushing Dick away from the Adults table. The tin star Rexall Ranger is tired of "swatting flies" and wants to go all "shock and awe" on bin Laden, but the apparatus left by Clenis is impotent, unable to penetrate and deliver a climax to the baddies.

FISA can't help and wiretapping laws have them hamstrung. Shit, these guys hit all the points in making this $40 million gift for the Republican party.

Okay, so Disney/ABC chose to air a movie that is a huge stain on the events of 9/11. The writers and producers are well known partisan hacks as has been brought to light on the internet. They took the default position of the "Party of Personal Responsiblity" and blamed Clinton. They peopled their movie with actors portraying real people who are still alive and have them saying things they do not say, and doing things they do not do.

They claimed their shillathon was based on the 9/11 bi-partisan commission report, even though their movie was not bi-partisan, contradicted the 9/11 report and carried a blantant political slant.

Now it is not possible to put this turd back into the elephant that shit it out, but those involved with this must know it is not without consequences.

I'll start out this way; Disney/ABC--Fuck You.

I won't be going to Disneyland or anything like that--for sure. I'll be sure and tell everyone I know that you hire and coddle child molesters. You belong with the GOP, the party of child molesters. Fifteen-year-old boys would be safer on an all male Greek freighter. At least they don't wear goofy costumes and preach about family values.

ABC is joined at the hip with these assfuckers. An Iron Curtain of Orwellian Reich-speak has descended upon the corporate media. Would you approve of a holocaust denial movie-of-the-week "docudrama?" Credibility is like virginity, once you've lost it, you're fucked. And in the words of Pat Paulsen, "I'm trying to up my standards, so up yours."

The Actors.

Lending starpower to such a politically slanted movie is a dangerous thing to do. Perhaps you were misled. However, ignorance is no excuse, and making political statements can be quite costly. I watched in horror as flight Toby Keith crashed into the Dixie Chicks tower, reducing the Chicks careers to a smoldering hole in the ground. Maybe Keith thinks it's kewl to beat up on chicks, but the message stands; you have tread on treacherous ground.

Certainly your high priced handlers are saying "no comment" as fast as they can. Wolf is trying to get out in front. Shave your heads, put ashes on your forehead, gird your loins up in sackcloth, and when you go out in public, wear clappers and bells and yell "unclean, unclean" whenever someone approaches, and maybe you can weather this shitstorm.

Yeah, I'm a little pissed over this deal. The movie is a fucking lie, Republicans refuse to accept responsibility for anything, and they wrap their failure around the Clenis. Everyone involved in this project is part of the military-industrial complex of war profiteers, getting rich off of fomenting strife and death throughout the world and the manufacture and sales of mechanized doom. They have dishonored the victims of September 11, 2001 by turning their memory into an excuse to blame their political rivals and an opportunity to line their pockets.

Disney/ABC/GOP--Fuck You.

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