Friday, June 02, 2006

The Illegitimate President

In a withering article written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in this weeks Rolling Stone Magazine the facts were laid bare on the stolen 2004 election. I was as guilty as most others in living in the world of denial and dismissing such claims as these on the internet as tin-foil-hatty conspiracy theorists. We were all duped into this position by the Corporate medias refusal to view this administration in a cynical fashion, which is the duty of the fourth estate. The talking heads of the MSM draw down huge salaries which is contingent upon access to power. To report on the huge and systematic criminal enterprise of voter suppression and outright fraud would have threatened their seat on the cocktail weenie circuit, and the criminal enterprise, (aka the republican party) has made it perfectly clear that if you are not at the table, you are on the menu.

So, the Bush crime family stole not one, but two Presidential elections. They found they could not win on their agenda, one particular heinous part is the PNAC, and had to resort to thuggery and outright crime on their march to worldwide rape, pillage and plunder of resources, environment and civil rights. The lame talking points they use for campaigning was insufficient to get the job done, so the morally superior party of "personal responsibility" and "family values" felt the need to disenfranchise vast swath's of Americans who understood what their code words really meant. "Reduce taxes" and "states rights" really mean they hate niggers. "Family values" means they hate queers. Why do they hate Americans? The trampy little Jesus pimps they drag up like Ralph Reed, who uses gambling money to fight off other casinos to the benefit of the gambling donors, who preach about the evils of gambling. Huh?

The Party of Law and Order (not to be confused with the cheap and illegal labor fans who enjoy immaculate lawn order) must be hoist by their own petard. Prison is said to be a good deterrent against criminal activity. The results of this particular crime is absolutely breathtaking in its global nature in lives and environment and can actually be measured by monetary damages in the trillions of dollars. Americas position in the world is in shambles, our treasury has been looted with the debt falling even unto our grandchildren, our military has been spent and our constitution has been shredded.

The article in the Rolling Stone is already being denounced by those in wingnuttia. They carefully expose all of the flaws in the data and expose it for the partisan hatchet job that it is. Okay, so I made that part up. They actually say nothing about the merits of the article or any information contained therein. Instead, they attack all things Kennedy and go back to the Kennedy v. Nixon race. Yawn. Whadda bunch of fucking dickheads. I guess they are in favor of criminals. Weak on crime they are. What do you expect from people who get their news from phone sex enthusiasts and degenerate junkies. The whole time their heads bob up and down like a fake dog in the back window of an El Dorado. Puleez.


Anonymous said...

Here we go with that lie about Daley stealing the election. If you took the 27 Illinois Electoral Votes and gave them to Nixon, JFK STILL WON.

269 EV Needed

Bustednuckles said...

Dude, it's guy's like you and me that this shit means something to.We KNOW the motherfuckers are crooked, we Know the motherfuckers are fuckin' us every wich way from breakfast, we just can't DO anything about it! THAT'S whats so infuriating.Try to make a damn living all day, while they have legions of sycophantic legal pukes figureing ways to fuck us some more. Eh, time for a whiskey. See ya back at FDL. Thought I'd drop by.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have NEVER posted at FDL (although I read it a LOT), and your use of "busted knuckles" is quite a coincidence, as I have just used that analogy on another blog.

Anonymous said...

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