Saturday, June 17, 2006

Energy & The Environment: A Progressive Position

So everyone is all atwitter over Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Expert hacks, paid by the wingnut welfare system and big oil, are making the rounds denouncing claims that fossil fuels are contributing to global warming. I admit, it is much too lofty a claim for me to defend or refute, but the jury is not out on the harm to our environment. I plan to kill any dissent to this fact right here and right now.

I invite any naysayers (especially the "ex-sperts" [has-been drips under pressure]) we see on teevee and read articles they publish, to conduct the following experiment. After a grueling day of spewing smoke-filled distortions on the mighty right-wing wurlitzer to the courtier class stenographers, our wingnut retires to his home, located nicely in the flat earth society nestled on the banks of de nile.

Having dined with his homeschooled wingnutlets, who are nourished with a rich diet of racism and homophobia, he retires to bed with his wife, sans sex, who prays thankfully for the poolboy. After everyone is asleep, our ex-spert sneaks downstairs and starts the engine on his Huge Chrome Detroit Land Yacht parked in his garage. Leave the garage door shut, and the door to the house open since this is a test of environmental harm. Go upstairs and pleasant dreams you stupid motherfucker.

Now that's just crazy talk. Everyone knows no one will get out of that house alive. Now think about that for a moment. Our atmosphere is a closed system. It's our house--it's where we fucking live for chrissakes. If anybody hears anybody spitballing Al Gore tell 'em to take my test. We won't have to listen to them anymore.

Suggested Progressive Agenda

We need cleaner fuels provided by numerous competitors to break the Big Oil monopoly and to save our environment. A recent tax-giveaway of 14.5 Billion was recently given primarily to the wildly profitable oil companies. The Gubmint giveth and the Gubmint taketh away. Maybe double. Nearly $30 Billion should be pretty good seed money to say, I dunno, save our planet? We should call it the "Big Oil Gashole Tax". Lot's of providers of cleaner fuel would guarantee competition at the pump which would dramatically lower prices. It might even put the fossil back in fossil fuel.


deb said...

Hey OFG, Read this last night but didn't I am now!

I have been trying to promote PHEV's. We have the technology. Right now Pruis hybrids can have a battery pack added so that for trips of less than 60 miles the car is running on electricity.

CalCars Picks Electro Energy Inc. to Provide Plug-In PRIUS+ Battery Pack

Battery powered hybrid cars combined with putting solar panels on every roof in the country and we are running on sunshine. We won't need new power plants.

We MUST demand solar and electricity from that solar feeding battery powered cars. Corporations don't want it because they will not be able to sell us our daily fuel fix...but it must happen.

When we get the progressives in Congress we have to educate them and write our own bills the way that corporations do.

It's our job to educate people!

Oh, and for big trucks...BioWillie!

Jean Hart said...

There goes NASCAR.

Jean Hart said...

There goes NASCAR.

Eli Blake said...

There was an article out today saying that a study has concluded that the earth is now warmer than it has been in at least 400, and very likely, 2000 years.

The problem is that if you are a scientist (as I am by training, having earned a degree in chemistry) you speak the language of statistics (which I also am by training, having a Master's degree in math with specialization in statistics), and statistics always deals with probabilities, not certainties. So, scientists, even when they have conclusively proven something by repeated observation and use of the scientific method, still use words like 'likely,' 'virtually certain,' 'little room for doubt' or whatever that the right can always find an apparent tiny wedge that they can use to inject a sense of doubt.

Of course, where I sit now in Arizona, it is pretty smoky here due to a large forest fire in Oak Creek Canyon, over 100 miles from me. There have already been a number of other large fires, so it seems certain that 2006 will join 2002-2005, which were (not necessarily in order) the first, second, third and fourth most destructive years for fires in Arizona history. And why is that? Because large numbers of trees have been killed by ongoing yearly drought, hotter summers and bark beetles which come in and finish off the weakened trees. This helps fires grow quickly.

Global warming. A fact, not a theory. I can smell it right now, and it's leaving a slightly acrid scent in my nose.

Anonymous said...

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