Monday, March 29, 2010

Demonstrating Teabagger Gets Broke Back

I don't care who you are, that shits punny right there. Setting aside the entire Republican party as "not ready for prime time," because let's face it, they are not, a determination should be made about the governance of America.

Which leaves us with the fractious Democratic party. Some among us are uncomfortable with unregulated vaginae and feel Catholic pederasts should divine control of not man parts--wielders of the not man parts (save for the nun chucks) should be shunned as unserious and silly little split tails.

President Obama, in order to get elected, said his first act would be to sign the Freedom Of Choice Act and now, in order to pass his health care reform bill, he codifies the Hyde Amendment by Executive Order.

He publicly claimed to be in favor of the public option while giving private assurances to private insurance organizations that none would be in the final bill.

In short, President Obama kicked every demographic group in the teeth to pass a piece of republican legislation which only drove the teabaggers into a brick throwing frenzy.

Unions had to make a special call and twist arms to prevent their hard-fought health benefits from being taxed.

Women saw control of their own body parts being traded as mercantile on the exchange.

Liberals saw health insurance firmly yoked to private industry determined to profit from our dying quivers.

Minorities found an open maw to consume any meager leftovers from a week of toiling in the traces going to massive corporations guaranteed a 15% minimum in profits.

He wishes for 15%.

Some lecture the liberal base that certain trades, like the one to Bart Stupak and his dirty dozen of posse regulators was needed.

That we should not join with the wacked out teabaggers to deny health insurance for 31 million additional Americans.

That they can never afford the deductibles and copays is irrelevant--the important part is that we supply a one-way cash flow to the health insurance industry. A health insurance policy offered by the federal government, one beyond the grips and Enron style accounting tricks of the health insurance industry is a bridge too far--it is too liberal and the teabaggers and its republic polyp party would declare this a massive takeover of the health care industry.

We wouldn't want that.

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