Thursday, November 06, 2008

Get Over It

After the selection of Bush by the Supreme Court in 2000, many Americans were outraged. Even though Bush had lost the popular vote by a wide margin, the press joined the right wing by telling us to get over it.

W's reelection in 2004 by a squeaker margin of 3.5 million votes was labeled a "mandate" by all those within pickup range of a microphone. Couple this with all the voter suppression tricks the Republican party could muster, along with a campaign of "smears, queers and fears," was just one more indicator of the brand of conservatism served up by the current day leaders.

The elections of 2006 and 2008 have handed the Republicans the greatest humiliating losses since the Great Depression. As of this writing Republicans have lost 55 house seats and 11 senate seats as well as the Presidency in the last two elections.

The vote total for Obama is more than twice that received by W who claimed a mandate in 2004. By extension President Elect Obama now commands a double mandate, if such a thing exists.

Republicans whined about the strong headwinds of an unpopular President, failing economy, unpopular war and massive debt. These are all creations of Republican policies so whining about it is akin to the kid who murders his parents begging the court for mercy since he is an orphan.

The Democratic candidate suffered structural obstacles as well. A skinny black man with big ears with a name like some swarthy mid-easterner. Of course, the republican slime-dozer machine piled on with several metric tons of vile slurs. It seems the term liberal has lost the value to shock the populace, so now republican operatives throw out terms like "marxist" and "socialist," which also lost its punch as the Republican Administration is in the process of nationalizing banks and socializing the losses of investors.

So America is trending left. We have seen in very stark terms the result of Republican rule. Massive death, massive debt, massive layoffs, massive losses in health care, massive riches for the one percent and massive decline in wages for the lower 95 percent. The only hope I have is the far-right teevee, radio and bloggers insist on party purity, further reducing republican seats in the future.

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Red S Tater said...

one problem kitten... I hate to break it to you... but most of you never did "get over it" (it being the 2000 election) it's called Bush Derangement Disorder... check into it over at Soonerthought or okiefunks place, that may have been where you contacted it.