Sunday, August 31, 2008

Experience Versus Judgment

The entire effort to stop Senator Obama from becoming first the Democratic nominee for President and now the next President of The United States has been his lack of experience. Senator Obama's defense is that experience is not a benefit if one lacks good judgment.

The result of this argument is Obama was able to prevail over the Clinton machine and secure his parties nomination while never falling behind the Republican contender, John McCain, R-POW, in any of the polls.

The selection of a Vice Presidential candidate is the only Presidential decision a candidate will make. In my opinion, his decision shows flawed judgment in the selection of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. It stretches credibility that he looked to the Republican bench and deemed Governor Palin the best choice for second in command.

Senator Obama has addressed the issue of experience, or the perception that he lacks it, by being on the right side of the issues and demonstrating good judgment. His opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, during a time of hyperbolic war selling efforts by the neocons and the stenographic press, eager to earn the coveted "war correspondent" credential, showed great political courage and sound judgment.

Senator McCain would like to pretend the war in Iraq began with the surge, which of course it did not. He also likes to claim he was highly critical of Bush and Rumsfeld before the surge and demanded more troops. He did not. He supported Rumsfeld up until the day he was bounced and now wants to rewrite history. Our diligent press simply takes him at his word and pronounces him "the maverick."

I would like someone to show when and where McCain was "highly critical" of Rumsfeld and Bush, and "demanded" more troops. Please include links to actual articles and dates and stuff. I just don't think he is all that "mavericky."

Palin may be a good far-right wing Governor. She is extremely anti-choice, so much so that she believes rapists must live forever, and if some girl is raped by her dad she will be forced to give birth to her very own brother.

On the question of judgment, Senator McCain judged it better to pander to his lunatic fringe base than to select a first stringer from the party.

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