Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Congressional Investigations

Seems there is a lot of talk about congressional investigations accompanying the 110th congress. Now, to me, an investigations usually accompanies a crime. It is usually what occurs once it is determined a crime has been committed.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the crimes against our country and humanity have been wide and rampantly inflicted on us and the world by the Bush crime family and his Republican enablers/co-conspirators.

The replacement of overlook with oversight is the first step, and since the backlog is so huge, it takes the appearance of an investigation.

What I hope for is responsible and honest stewardship of the peoples business.

The Democratic controlled congress is going to have a huge task before them. They will have to conduct present and future business in a judicious and thoughtful manner, while reviewing the previous six years that did not have that benefit.

Certain items like war profiteering and Iraq pre-war intelligence manipulation demand investigation from the outset. But oversight does not merit the description of an investigation.

The mighty right-wing wurlitzer and the corporate media will be wearing the public down on the word "investigations" making it appear the Democrats are only after retribution and political gain.

But these neocons have looted our treasury, spent our military, ruined our street cred and caused massive death, torture and maimings.

Some folks would like to know how they did that, and maybe even prosecute some of them.

This is not called investigation. It is called honest stewardship of the peoples trust.

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