Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Had Enough?

The uncurious and incompetent Bush administration. He decides yes and no and leaves the room for his war profiteering cronies to run the show. Meanwhile, Rove teaches the chant for Republicans, "Our firm dealing with terra has saved Merkins from being hit since 9-11."

The Dems response? "Republicans are so proud to only have one Pearl Harbor type attack on us under their so-called protection. Where is Osama? Where is the leader of the attack and his chief lieutenant? When we were attacked under Democratic leadership, we rounded up all of the terrorists and now they are rotting in a maximum-security Colorado jail. The Republican mismanagement of National Security has increased the ranks of international terrorists four-fold, while our own military cannot recruit enough soldiers to carry out their botched policies. This Administration and their Rubber Stamp Republican Congress has failed to protect this country, swelled the ranks of our enemies, evaporated most allied support, ruined our credibility, emptied our treasury and badly misspent our Armed Forces. We would be amused at their boasting and swagger, standing atop such a vast pile of ruination, if the consequences of their incompetence were not so grave. No longer will we sit idly by while this confederacy of dunces claim they are showing strength. They are not showing strength, but stupidity. And the entire world is a much more dangerous place because of it."

Okay, that is not the Democratic response, but it should be. To hell with making a plan for Iraq. An energy plan? Fuhgeddaboudit. Health care plan? Tax policy? Nope and nope. The democrats have a ten-point plan for everything under the sun fer chrissakes. Nobody's gonna hear about it, 'cause the press will just say "the Dems don't have a plan." It is too close to November. Never explain, never defend, always attack.

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